METdatadb release notes

When applicable, release notes are followed by the GitHub issue number which describes the bugfix, enhancement, or new feature: METdatadb GitHub issues.

Version 1.0.0 release notes (2021-05-12)

Version 1.0.0 release notes (20210512)

New Functionality:

  • Read MET (.stat) files (#1)

  • Transform MET data for any database (#3)

  • Write MET (.stat) files to a SQL database (#6)

  • Read VSDB (.vsdb) files (#2)

  • Transform VSDB data for any database (#4)

  • Apply and Drop SQL Indexes (#8)

  • Implement date_list tag (#15)

  • Load MODE files (#22)

  • Load MTD files (#23)

  • Enhance METdatadb to load the TCST output line types from TC-Pairs. (#28)

  • Add new optional command line argument to change default location of temporary files (#30)


  • Load new DMAP line type created by Grid-Stat in MET version 9.0. (#19)

  • Load new MTD columns for MET version 9.0. (#20)

  • Update METdb to handle changes in met-9.1. (#25)

  • Enhance METdbLoad to read new RPS line type from Ensemble-Stat and Point-Stat. (#26)

  • Add support for ANOM_CORR_RAW which is new in the CNT line type for met-9.1. (#29)

  • Add version number to usage (#41)

  • Create initial METdbload documentation (#46)

  • Enhance METdatadb to load the additional CRPS columns in the ECNT line type updated for met-10.0.0. (#48)

  • Enhance METdatadb to load the additional climatology column in the ORANK line type updated for met-10.0.0. (#49)


  • Fix bug - handle non-existent directory with templates (#12)

  • Error loading ECLV(ECON) line type from VSDB files (#32)


  • Put flags from XML load_spec into a dictionary (#5)

  • Handle transformations related to PSTD, RHIST, ECNT, and ORANK (#7)

  • Handle variable length line types in stat records (#9)

  • Speed up reading files (#13)

  • Check to make sure XML file exists (#18)